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During Production Inspection
Our QC conducts during production inspection when at least 20%-30% of an order has been completed. It can uncover problems during actual production and ensure that contractual obligations are being met. It also helps you determine whether the production process is on schedule.
Our main check points are as below:
-   Check the quantity and monitor the production schedule.
-   Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process.
-   Randomly inspect the finished products and evaluate if the product matches the specifications, packaging and marking etc.
-   Ensure the calibration and accuracy of production equipments.
-   Give advices to improve product quality and minimize defects.
Performing a final random inspection will help you to:
-   Early detect production discrepancies and mistakes.
-   Know what percentage of defects affects your production.
-   Implement the necessary corrective actions before it is too late!
-   Bargain with your vendor in case of quality issue.
-   Avoid unexpected costs & delays.
-   Keep pressure on your vendor shoulders.
-   Save time and secure your business!