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Simple Factory Audit
The Simple Factory Audit (SFA) should be performed before the buyer places an order with a new vendor and only takes one day. The Simple Factory Audit is done at your manufacturer's premises, anywhere in China.

The simple factory audit is a quick, fast, efficient factory evaluation providing an overview with an affordable price.

Our main check points are as below:
-   Factory profile: name, contact details, licenses check etc.
-   Employees and workforce: management, QC, workers etc.
-   Facility check: office, equipment, production lines etc.
-   Clients and experience: trade history, samples check etc.
-   Documents verification: licenses, certificates etc.
-   The SFA also includes: production line status, vendor organization, production capability and capacity, a quick check on the existing quality system.
Performing a factory audit will help you to:
-   Avoid scams and unexperienced vendors.
-   Check if you are dealing with a vendor or factory.
-   Know if your supplier is able to produce your targeted products.
-   Check factory experience in manufacturing the targeted product(s).
-   Know if your vendor is a viable source.
-   Get a good understanding of his organization, quality processes, experience etc.
-   Check if you chosen factory has the needed certificates and licenses.
-   Compare potential vendors and choose the right one.
-   Save time and secure your business!